Our Deacons

  • Nyle Bosier – Elder / Deacon Chairman

    Nyle Bosier – Elder / Deacon Chairman

    Nyle and Judy will be married 52 years in April of this year.  They have three sons, two are currently serving in pastoral roles and they have six grandchildren.

  • Joel Penny – Lifetime Deacon

    Joel Penny – Lifetime Deacon

    Joel currently serves as a lifetime deacon and head of the Helping Hands ministry. Joel has been married for 54 years to wife Ellie.  The Peney’s lived in Florida for thirty years before moving to Blairsville Georgia in 2008.   Joel and Ellie have been members of Fellowship of the Hills for over 10 years.

  • Eugene Brewer – Deacon

    Eugene Brewer – Deacon

    EUGENE BREWER and his wife Janice , moved here from Florida five years ago after retiring from the Florida highway patrol where he served over 30 years. After joining the church he served on the security team for approximately 1 1/2 years prior to becoming a deacon.

  • Jason Annis

    Jason Annis

    From Casey and I: I became a Christian in 1994. Casey and I married in 1997 and we have one daughter. We moved to Blairsville from Japan in 2019 when I retired after 21 years in the Marine Corps. I’ve been serving as a Deacon at FOTH since 2022. I’m a certified Christian Financial Ministries…

  • Roger Rashid-Deacon

    Roger Rashid-Deacon

    Carol & I were married in 1976 in Florida where we lived since the early 70’s.We have 1 daughter and 1 granddaughter. We moved to Blairsville in 2010 and are very happy we did. I’ve been a deacon since 2022. We enjoy serving The Lord with others, as well as travelling, & exploring the beautiful…

  • Jim Arnold-Deacon

    Jim Arnold-Deacon

  • Johnie Smith-Deacon

    Johnie Smith-Deacon

  • Mike Kiem

  • Patrick Badder