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Be Like Ezra

Ezra 7:10 NASB

“For Ezra had firmly resolved to study the Law of the Lord and to
practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel.”


Current opportunities are listed below. If you are currently attending one of these studies or would like to please fill out the form below and let Pastor Nick know. For more information click on the title or scroll down.

Sunday Evening
Path to Purpose
Tuesday MorningStory of Scripture
Tuesday EveningEncounters with God: James
Tuesday EveningPhilippians
Tuesday EveningOvercoming Strongholds: Hurts, Habits, and Hangups
Tuesday EveningAnxious for Nothing
Wednesday MorningWINGMEN - Bible study for Men
Wednesday MorningLiving the Proverbs - Ladies Bible Study
Friday EveningMarriage Sanctified
Saturday MorningCoffee and a Chat


Path to Purpose

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday—6:30 pm in the
fellowship hall
Leader: Will Harkins—706.400.0659
Study Title: “Path to Purpose”
Finding ourselves in faith and purpose, recognizing our life’s value and meaning, and being able to defend our faith through Christ in courage and strength. We’ll dive into the basic stories of the Bible and how they still apply to us today. Communication and open discussion is valued so everyone can learn best!


Story of Scripture

Every Tuesday morning – 10:00 am in the
conference room
Leader: Linda Bundy—770.722.4421
Study Title: “Story of Scripture”
This study helps you see God’s plan and how every book of the Bible points to Christ Jesus, including the beginning and God’s promise to us, how Noah got his faith, how Abraham was called, the promise of God in his covenants through Abraham, Moses, David, and Jeremiah. New Testament books are covered too.


Encounters with God: James

Every Tuesday evening—6:00 pm
Leaders: Duane/Glenna Righter
Home Address: 77 Bowling Gap Cir, Blairsville
Current Study: “Encounters with God: James” by Blackaby.
The study of the book of James in God’s Word will lead you to a closer, more intimate understanding of God’s message to His people.



Every Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm
Leaders: Aldo and Linda Verderame—352.476.6211
Home Address: 21 Wrought Iron Trail, Morganton (Off
Loving Rd, not far from SR 325)
Current Study: “Philippians.”
A study on the book of Philippians (commonly referred to as the ‘joy’ book). The primary focus for this study is a series titled “Joy Ride: A Study of Philippians” by James Merritt. This study will also include some limited material from the leader’s personal study of Philippians.


Overcoming Strongholds: Hurts, Habits, and Hangups

Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 pm in the conference Room
Leader: Mike Keim—253.495.0783
Study Title: “Overcoming Strongholds: Hurts, Habits, and Hangups”.
We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Sin is addicting and captivating, and chokes the life right out of us. This results in Strongholds forming in our lives—usually expressed through hurts (to us or we hurt others), habits (not Christ-like behavior), and hang-ups (stuck or in a rut). We have all created ungodly and unhealthy methods for handling life. We look in the wrong places for fulfillment or for freedom from the hurtful and bad habits and behaviors we have developed. Not one of us is untainted; We’ve all hurt ourselves, we’ve all hurt other people, and others have hurt us. Each of us have non Christ-like habits and they impact other people – often in a hurtful way. Each of us have hang-ups. We get stuck doing the same thing over and over again—sometimes hoping for a different outcome. The goal of this Study is not simply to help hurting people recover from past or current sins and hurts. The goal is to teach each person in the Study to make the healing choices that will help you become Christ-like in character. You will find freedom and forgiveness as you actively participate in this Study and turn your life toward God.


Anxious for Nothing

Every Tuesday evening—7:00 pm
Leaders: Dr. Bill/Jane Frazier 561.718.1326
Home Address: 94 Bird Song Ln, Blairsville
Current Study: “Anxious for Nothing” by Lucado High anxiety is prevalent in our society—but here’s a biblical solution for it! Lucado offers insights into ways God will help you cope with life’s calamities. Discover how to view bad news through God’s sovereignty, discern Satan’s lies, and recognize truth.


WINGMEN - Bible study for Men

Every Wednesday morning—8:00 am at Blairsville Restaurant
Leader: Pastor Marty—850.445.5487
Topic series vary but all are leading men on how to stay aware of the common pitfalls every man faces in life and improve their relationship with others.


Living the Proverbs - Ladies Bible Study

Every Wednesday morning—10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall
Leader: Colleen Swanson—706.897.1475
Current Study: “Living the Proverbs”
Discover God’s instruction for daily grind issues such as how to handle difficult people, what to do when temptation comes, knowing who to trust, how to handle finances, and insights on successful marriages and parenting.


Marriage Sanctified

Prescheduled Friday Evenings at 6:00 pm— Contact the Tessitores if interested
Leaders: Tim and Janie Tessitore
Study Title: “Marriage Sanctified”
A marriage ministry dedicated to helping members strengthen and sustain their marriages. Several classes are presented through the year, and one on one coaching is offered. Classes are for engaged or married couples, and an emphasis is placed on putting God as the first priority in all marriages and making sure God is the center in all marriages.

New class dates are:
Jan. 13, 27; Feb. 10, 24; Mar. 3, 10. Contact
Tim and Janie Tessitore at 772-284-8366 to


Coffee and a Chat

Every Saturday morning—8:30 am at Cabin Coffee
“Coffee and a Chat”
Leader: Adrienne Chadwick
Age bracket is 18 and older unless with parent. Discussion centers around “girl talk”, followed by a Bible study in Proverbs 31.

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