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Prayer Chain

6/13/23Debbie Radcliff, her family, and Pastor Nick were at Gary’s bedside today singing “I Love You Lord” when Gary received his reward and went to be with his Lord in heaven. So many people knew and loved Gary through his faithful, daily witness.
I know you will lift Debbie up in prayer as she travels down this new path in life.
06/13/23Pastor Nick has been at the hospital with Debbie and Gary all morning today. Nick and Debbie have asked that we share with our FOTH family and friends that Gary will be with the Lord soon. Please pray with us for Gary’s peaceful passing, and comfort for his family and friends.
Thank you for praying for Gary, Debbie and their family throughout this tough week.
06/13/23On Wednesday morning we are having an IVF transfer of 2 donor embryos in hopes for our first baby. We ask for prayers for new life and if it doesn’t take, we pray for healing, peace and acceptance. It’s been a very long road and we are at the end. We ask for Gods Will to be done. FOTH have prayers warriors so we humbly ask for everyone’s prayers this week. Thank you so much! Blessings, Sarah

I would like to ask for my church family to keep my sons girlfriend Angel in your prayers. She had a kidney transplant around 10 years ago and her body has started to reject the kidney. They have put her back on the transplant list as her kidney is only functioning at 65%. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through this process again. Thank you in advance for the prayers! Deborah Stancil

Kassidy (Jerry & Carolyn Brewer’s granddaughter) is out of the hospital – at home! She seems to be doing well. The babies are stable too!! Thank you for your prayers. Jan Brewer

Keep Gary Radcliff in your prayers today. We want to pray for him to be able to have the surgery he needs today.

Pastor Marty and Susan and their family will be celebrating the life of Susan’s mother, Jean Farnham today and have asked for your prayers.
06/13/23I would like to ask for my church family to keep my sons girlfriend Angel in your prayers. She had a kidney transplant around 10 years ago and her body has started to reject the kidney. They have put her back on the transplant list as her kidney is only functioning at 65%. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through this process again. Thank you in advance for the prayers!

Deborah Stancil
06/12/23Pastor Nick and I just got off a video conference call with Gary and Debbie Radcliff where we talked with and prayed for the two of them. The anticipated surgery today did not occur, but may take place tomorrow. The next 12-16 hours are most critical for the possibility of surgery tomorrow.

Please be sure to flood the heavens with prayer for Gary. He is not out of the woods yet.

06/12/23Pastor Fidel Gomez just called and asked that we keep him in prayer. Tomorrow he will meet with his cancer Doctor to draw blood. He will know results in 3 days. Please ask the Lord to be gracious that he is cancer free.
I will be praying with him in the morning before we leave for mom’s services.
Attached is a photo from yesterday at the invitation he gave where 100 or so came forward for salvation.
Thank you. Pastor Marty
06/12/23Prayers are requested and would be appreciated for Patricia Beals. Patricia is Karen Atwell’s aunt who lives in Sebastian Florida. Patricia faithfully participates in our online service, and has been suffering with breast cancer for awhile and is very weak right now. Please pray for Gods blessing on her with strength and recovery. Keep Karen in your prayers as she will be in Florida assisting her aunt for a few weeks.
Thank you!
06/11/23We’ve had several requests this week, and thought an update on a couple would be appreciated.
Gary Kitchens’ brother will be laid to rest Wednesday the 14th at the National Cemetery in Canton.
Rick Dervin’s wife Debbie reports that Rick’s surgery was successful.
Gary Radcliff may have more surgery Monday if he continues to be strong enough.
Thank you for being prayer warriors for those who come with a care or concern.
06/10/23Gary came through his surgery this morning and according to the doctor he is doing “remarkably well”. He is still in the recovery area, but sounds like he is doing so much better than the medical staff anticipated. We all know it was a “God thing” – a miracle – and not happenstance.
Gary’s family has come to be together in support.
Let’s keep praying and praising the Lord for what He has done!!
06/08/23Rick Dervin is having surgery for an inguinal hernia on Friday morning (June 9th). Please lift him up in prayer.
Thank you! God bless, Debbie
06/08/23Just received an update from Debbie Radcliff about Gary. She asked me share: “Thank you to my church family. You are true prayer warriors. I feel the love and the prayers. Gary had surgery #1. His blood pressure is back to normal now, and he will have more surgery in two days when he is a little more stable.”
Praise the Lord for that message of answered prayer!
06/08/23Prayer Request from Marty and Susan

Please pray for us as we travel to Florida. Susan’s mom, Jean, has now been placed in ICU and is under Hospice care, and is currently incoherent. Pray with us that all will remain okay until we are able to get there. Thank you so much for your prayers.
06/08/23Prayer Request from Jerry & Carolyn Brewer

Keeping you in the loop; please pray for Kassidy as she has been in ICU trying to get her heart rate back down from a septic infection due to kidney stones. Poor thing had surgery this week and has been trough the ringer. They have her in ICU due to her heart rate being high oxygen low. Pray for the babies to not come early (side effect from the all this illness and the anesthesia). Thank you.

06/07/23Prayer Request from Pastor Marty

– Gary Radcliff has been life-flighted to Gainesville. David and Kathy Burton transported Debbie to the hospital. I just received a call from David and Gary is stable; Debbie is in the ER room and communicating with the doctors and Gary. No other information at this time. Please pray for Gary’s complete healing and comfort for Debbie.
– Herman Brent Kitchens, Gary’s brother has passed from this earth to his eternal promise through Jesus Christ our Lord. Please keep Gary and his family in prayer for God’s comfort and peace.
– Susan’s mother was just transported to the hospital in Hollywood. We are awaiting news from Susan’s sister Janice who is there now. Please pray this is not serious and there have been complications from these last several weeks of her healing. As many of you know, Susan just came home last week from caring for her mom.
– Please pray for Bob Jones who is having eye surgery tomorrow afternoon in Gainesville.
– Please pray for Pastor Nick, our youth, and myself as we participate in an outreach at the Blairsville Cinema tomorrow during a fun family movie we are hosting.
06/07/23Prayer Request from Judy & Nyle

Sunday night we noticed Judy appeared to have a pressure sore in the area of the surgery she had a year ago. I called the Dr on Monday who did the surgery and he got her in yesterday in Braselton. He said you did exactly what you should do and it is healing so I will not have to do surgery. Judy & I both said “Praise God!” However, he has put her on some restrictions. One hour in the wheelchair and 20 minutes in bed off that area for the next month. I will be occupied of course helping her with these restrictions. Please continue to pray for us, but also for Mia and her family as they go through this difficult time. Praise God again, they have Hospice care there to help. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

06/06/23Prayer Request from Janice Brewer

Jerry & Carolyn Brewer’s granddaughter Cassidy is about 6 mos pregnant with twins. Cassidy is having surgery today for kidney stones because there is an infection. The doctor has advised her they might have to deliver the babies if the anesthesia sends her into labor. Please pray for healing and that she doesn’t go into labor and deliver the babies right now.

Thank you for your prayers.

06/06/23Please say a prayer for Teresa. (Teresa is the sister of Glen, who attends FOTH.) Teresa fell and broke her leg last evening. She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Wed), and will have to have no weight on her leg for several weeks to a couple of months.
Thank you!
06/02/23Prayer Request from Mary Lyon

Please pray for my ex-husband. He has cancer, no insurance, and and trying to start over in a new state with a new salon business. Please pray for him. Thank you. Mary Lyon

06/02/23Prayer Request from Nyle & Judy

This just came from my sister Kris! Thanks to all the Prayers for Mia! Please continue to pray as noted! Nyle & Judy Bosier

Mia update: AJ called a few minutes ago. It breaks my heart to let you know the MRI results were not good. 🥲🥲🥲 The tumor has grown, and the chemo is ineffective. She has weeks, maybe a couple of months. She could have seizures, heart failure, or be unable to breathe. Please pray for a gentle passing to Heaven. 🙏❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please pray for AJ and family and Mia’s mom and family. We are all broken. Thank you being such faithful prayer warriors through these last 19 months. We are so grateful for the time we have had since diagnosis. 🙏❤️🙏🙌

Thank you.
05/30/23Heather Batye has been put back in the hospital again. She has been in and out of the hospital for a couple of months now. The doctors have not been able to figure out what the health issue is so prayer requesting for the physicians to be able to identify and treat the problem, as well as for Heather’s body to respond to the treatment so she can recover would be appreciated. Thank you for covering Heather with prayer.
05/27/23Spent part of the day with Alyssa. She’s staying hydrated, walking around a bit and staying awake…so she’s recovering well from her appendectomy. Thank you all for your prayers for our youngest grandchild, 10-yr old Alyssa Martin.
Sincerely, Monty Martin
05/25/23Please pray for CE & Monty Martin’s 10 year old granddaughter, Alyssa as she recovers from an emergency appendix surgery this morning.

Thank you!
05/23/23Thank you for your prayers for my granddaughter Paige. She is doing well.

Brian Faxon in New Hampshire has been slowly recovering from his near fatal car crash, and we recently saw cheering in a video of Brian taking steps. However he has had a seizure that has sent him back to hospital. He has a FOTH prayer bear and we appreciate your continued prayers for this young college student.

Jane Frazier

05/22/23Please say a word of prayer for our friend Jack and his family. Jack’s father is in respiratory failure and they anticipate he will be passing today or tomorrow.

Jack is a FOTH family friend and would appreciate our prayers today.

Thank you!
05/20/23My mother-in-law, Betty Johnson, is in the hospital – cause undetected. Please pray for her peace, rest and quick recovery. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors so the problem can be identified and resolved. Thank you! Mike Keim
05/17/23Jane Frazier asked for prayer for her granddaughter Paige who has had the problem with intercranial hypertension has just been taken to ER in St Louis. Due to changes in her medications, she has been quite anemic.
Thank you for praying for Paige. Also please pray that she and her family members will reach out to Jesus and recognize His hand working in all of their lives.

05/15/23My 99 year old mother fell and broke her hip. She is having surgery on Tuesday 5/16. Please pray for the surgeon that he has the skill needed and for a quick recovery for my mother. Betty Fuller
05/15/23Please pray for one of our online viewers, Robin. She has not been feeling well.

Also, please continue to pray for Angel. They did the kidney biopsy and the results came back the she is borderline of rejection. They will be putting her on a high dose of prednisone. She is very upset. Please continue to pray for her. She is still in Emory University. Thank you for all the prayers! Deborah Stancil

05/12/23I would like to give an update on my sons girlfriend, Angel. They will be doing a biopsy of the transplanted kidney today. Please pray for good results and that Angel will be able to come home from Emory soon. Thank you church family for all your prayers! Deborah Stancil

05/10/23Please pray for my sons girlfriend. She is in the ER. She had a kidney transplant several years ago and now has a kidney infection in that kidney. They will be transferring her to Emory. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Deborah Stancil
05/09/23Hallelujah!! In case you have not heard, the 8-great old missing boy in Michigan has been found. He is alive and well. I’m so thankful to God and to all who prayed for him. Thank you!
Linda Miller
05/07/23The following article was posted on Facebook about a missing 8 year old boy near our home town in Upper Michigan. Let’s pray for this young boy to be found and reunited with his family! THANKS! Linda and Rick Miller

GOGEBIC & ONTONAGON COUNTIES, Mich. (WLUC) – A coordinated search effort is underway Sunday to find a missing eight-year-old boy in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.
The Michigan State Police has confirmed the following details:
• There are dozens of agencies from across the U.P. and Wisconsin participating in the coordinated search. To limit the chaos, volunteers from the public should not go out at this time. K-9s, aviation teams, the U.S. Coast Guard and multiple resources from several counties are part of the effort.
• Food and water are already being provided to searchers.
• A group of family members was camping in the state park. Half of the family was fishing, and half was collecting firewood. The eight-year-old boy asked to return to the nearby camp site. He left to walk back at 1:00 p.m. ET Saturday. That’s when he was last seen. The family searched on their own and then reported the situation to law enforcement around 6:00 p.m. ET Saturday.
• There is no cell phone service in the area. The Michigan State Police Mobile Command Center is working to improve the communications challenges.
This story will be updated when further information is available.
According to the Michigan DNR, the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park has 60,000 acres of old-growth forest, roaring waterfalls, Lake Superior shoreline, rivers, trails and ridges, the park’s incomparable vistas make Michigan’s largest state park a popular destination for camping, hiking, snowmobiling, fishing and more.

05/07/23Please pray for a young lady that is rooming with my mom. She was attacked Tuesday night and beaten pretty bad. Beaten bad enough she had to have surgery. Her mom said she is strong and knows God is with her. Please pray for her and her mom as they go through this. Thank you so much. Susan Duncan

Thank you!
05/04/23Good morning. Wanted to ask you to pray for Jean Farnham (Susan Duncan’s mother). Jean experienced a ruptured ulcer yesterday which resulted in a leakage into her stomach and colon. She is doing okay after the emergency surgery, but will be ICU for at least a week. Pastor Marty and Susan left last evening to go to Florida to be with her and Susan’s sister during this time. Please pray for Jean, Susan and Janice. Thank you.